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Technical Assurance

We offer penetration testing that aims to identify and address vulnerabilities in an organization's software, technologies, or networks, with the goal of preventing exploitation by malicious actors. These security assessments can be targeted at a specific system, or take a holistic view of an organisations entire attack surface. We will report upon each issue we find, and offer relevant, actionable remediation advice to address the potential risk. Our team has a wealth of experience across web applications, cloud deployments, mobile applications, internal networks, and wireless infrastructure.

Compliance Audits

We can assist organisations in aligning their internal policies with industry standard security frameworks including the ISM, PCI-DSS, and ISO 27001. We offer both auditing services for existing policies as well as strategy implementation for developing new solutions and governance processes. Regardless of where your organisation is in its cyber security journey, our team of expert consultants are able to assist in maturing your approach and increase your cyber security hygiene.

Security Engineering

Our team are able to create bespoke solutions to novel vulnerabilities and issues, or assist existing teams in implementing industry leading software products. With extensive experience across a variety of programming languages and engineering practices, we are able adapt to our clients networks to develop the most fitting solution for any issue. We have previously developed and deployed SIEM and XDR solutions, written custom applications for data transformation, conducted novel research for vulnerability detection, and created new development practices that align with agile methodologies.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

By leveraging our extensive experience in cyber security, our consultants share their knowledge to upskill and inform organisations about their potential cyber risks. We take a hands-on approach to education and encourage our clients to gain actual experience in cyber security issues. We accomplish this by running capture the flag events, threat emulation workshops, secure code training, and purple team events to demonstrate the impacts of a potential cyber security event.

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